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A hand-made guitar that is light on weight heavy on ability.

Don’t under estimate this compact double cutaway body bespoke British hand-made custom electric guitar

It’s a light and stylish, double pickup instrument, craftsman built in Looe in the south west of England.


This particular body has several laminates in its construction and gives the guitar an undefinable sound. The back wood is Amboyna heavily carved, the top plate is of a fine fiddle back maple. There is a centre core of hard Douglas fir only 6mm thick but this along with the red cedar in the neck gives this particular guitar its unique sound.

The binding on the body is the same as the neck a fine rippled maple.

As something different there is a b,w,b, strip in the centre of the top running from tail to neck joint where the end of the neck pocket has been shaped to fit the thumb when reaching for the top notes.


A triple laminate as normal for the guitars made at GGV but on this occasion the centre core is from a different wood, red cedar. The two outer laminates are still of figured hard maple for looks but mainly strength. The neck has a single two way truss rod for fine tuning the neck relief.

On this particular model the fretboard is of Indian rosewood though Cocobolo or figured maple are also available.
The markers on the fret board are of man made mother of pearl, though genuine shell mother of pearl or abalone are available upon request.

There is a black white laminate between the fretboard and the neck proper. this adds to the look and can adjusts the neck thickness in small increments.


he fret board is bound in fine rippled maple, the frets are undercut.

The neck has 4 metal inserts which hold the neck to the body via 4x6mm stainless steel countersunk bolts the heads of which have been burnished to a high shine.

  • Gold Artec Alnico V mini toaster humbuckers.
  • The bridge is Gotoh 510 gold wraparound fully adjustable for intonation and height.
  • Gotoh gold tuners 19-1 gearing.
  • 3way selector switch for humbuckers.
  • Gold speed knobs.
  • 6mm jack socket on gold plate.
  • Gold strap buttons

Rustins two part plastic coat clear or sunburst finish.