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‘The Signature’ in Development

The neck of the ‘The Signature’ I think looks real good. I am using for the first time a maple fret board. I have picked out a wonderful piece though it doesn’t look too good in the pictures.

I didn’t like the body without any maple on it so I picked out a fantastic piece which when polished up will be on fire.

I have carved out the front of the guitar as well. To cover the pickup pockets I will make up a plate that is exactly the same as the back stripe so it will all match in and look just the biz’.

Guitars on Tour

Guitars on Tour

Finally got some time to post things. Following a request we took some guitars to Guildford to be displayed in a High Street music shop. So a group of instruments were taken off for a long ride on their jollies to spread the word. In the mean time we have been working on the new […]