Greenwood Guitars and Violins

Nick Greenwood was taken firmly by the ear and set at a woodworking workbench the first Monday after he had left school, this was not his plan as he thought he would dive for sea urchins and sell them on a Cornwall beach for the summer. His father – Cornish a boat-builder – had other ideas however that was, attempt turn this 16 year old into a wood worker. Not a carpenter and joiner or a site chippy but an antique restorer.

This plan worked for 37 years and apart from a brief foray making luxury ice cream – well this is the South-West – these skills persist.

The other half of Greenwood Guitars and Violins is Wynn Jones, A back room boy more interested in guitar design and the technical side of custom guitars than the wood working and finishing department. He has been a guitar player and blues guitar fan from the age of, 12 therein itself is half a century of valuable guitar experience and knowledge.

Known behind his back as Wynnapedia there is not much this man doesn’t know about the different ways of wiring up custom guitars being made at Greenwood Guitars and Violins. Coil tapping, phase shifting and guitar set-ups are what Wynn enjoys the most.

Having designed and made custom electric guitars, bespoke mandolins and hand-made electric violins back in the 1990’s Nick and Wynn united to design and produce the best possible hand grafted guitars their combined skills could make. These bespoke musical instruments are now being made using traditional hand crafted quality skills and materials.

‚ÄčNick has said on various occasions that what he liked about guitar making is,

If you enjoy your job you never have to go to work again in your life.

It is just so satisfying to take chunks of wood glue them up, hone the raw materials and create a thing of beauty and great sound that brings pleasure to those that play it, and listen too.